Saturday, August 29, 2015

Card Swaps Recieved - August 2015

This month I received lots terrific cards and one set of Christmas ATCs.  I truly enjoy handmade cards.  So what happens with all the cards I get, because honestly I love to make them but I don't very many out.  I donate them.  Yes, I give them away.  Birthday, Thank-You, Thinking of You, Get Well, and blank cards go to my kids elementary school and local charity shop.  (Yes, I am in my 50's with kids in elementary school-late starter in the parenthood game.)

Beach Card
from Jeanne in Massachusetts

Anything Goes Swap
from Lori Lee in Utah
Anything Goes Card
from Lyn in Kentucky
Happy Anniversary Card
from Chris in Florida
Birthday Card for a Friend
from Denys in New Jersey
Red and Green ATC
from Lyn

Lace Card
from Faye in Australia

Friday, August 14, 2015

August Card Swaps

I participated in several swaps this month in both card groups, USA Card Making and Card Crafts.   I really like the card groups they are laid back and very friendly, no rating and no ranting if you miss a deadline.   Some of the cards I made on Wednesday and a few were made a while back and were appropriate for the swap theme.   Here are the cards I made and shipped off to my card making friends. 

Happy Anniversary Swap
Birthday for a Friend

Anything Goes Swap

ATC Swap

July Sketch Swap

Sailing Swap

Card with Lace Swap

Freestyle Swap



Friday, July 31, 2015

July Card Swap

Here are the cards I made and received in my July swap with USA Card Making and Card Craft groups.

Here are the cards I made for the swaps:

Here are the cards I have received.  I am expecting a few more. 

Freestyle from Kathy
Card Crafts

Latch Card from Sharon
Card Crafts

Butterfly Card from Mary
USA Card Making



Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hello Again - Swap to share

I have not posted on this blog in many months.  Now I am back.  I still make cards and I have made many since the last time I posted.  I even joined a few card groups on Yahoo, USA Card Making and card Crafts, that I really enjoy.  I just sign up for monthly swaps and exchange cards and best of all there is no rating just a simple thanks from the receiver. if you enjoy making and swapping cards as I do you may want to consider joining one or both of these groups.  The swaps are well organized and everyone in both groups are very friendly and welcoming.

Today I am sharing cards I received in June from Lynda of USA Card Making. Thanks Lynda for some lovely cards and I truly love all shades of blue. 

Blue and Orange Card

Alpha F Card
F is for Flowers

These are the cards I sent out in June to my partners in the USA Card Making group. 

Alpha F Card
F is for Flowers

Blue and Orange Card
Inspired by Dawn O

Alpha E Card
E is for Echinacea
AKA Purple Cone Flower

Enjoy !!