Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hello Again - Swap to share

I have not posted on this blog in many months.  Now I am back.  I still make cards and I have made many since the last time I posted.  I even joined a few card groups on Yahoo, USA Card Making and card Crafts, that I really enjoy.  I just sign up for monthly swaps and exchange cards and best of all there is no rating just a simple thanks from the receiver. if you enjoy making and swapping cards as I do you may want to consider joining one or both of these groups.  The swaps are well organized and everyone in both groups are very friendly and welcoming.

Today I am sharing cards I received in June from Lynda of USA Card Making. Thanks Lynda for some lovely cards and I truly love all shades of blue. 

Blue and Orange Card

Alpha F Card
F is for Flowers

These are the cards I sent out in June to my partners in the USA Card Making group. 

Alpha F Card
F is for Flowers

Blue and Orange Card
Inspired by Dawn O

Alpha E Card
E is for Echinacea
AKA Purple Cone Flower

Enjoy !!


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